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Aksanti Group focus on investing and creating tech solutions in the areas of transportation & logistics, hospitality management, agriculture, financial and educational inclusion.

As a Group, we do not only invest our money, we invest our time, skills and networks.

We are passionate about building early-stage businesses to create a better future for the Batoto wa Congo.

Nioso is a fast & efficient on-demand app, connecting users, merchants and couriers to satisfy the daily needs of Congolese citizens providing an end-to-end service at the touch of the fingertips.

The app provides a wide range of on-demand services such as food delivery, groceries, medicines, or any last-minute shopping needs. In the future, we will be introducing payment solutions and many other on-demand services, all within the same platform.

Available on iOS & Android

One app to book your favorite restaurants, beauty appointments, gym classes, tee time, tennis court, attraction & events tickets in Kinshasa & Lubumbashi. All your bookings in one app.

Your reservations made easy with RESERVÂTE app.

Available in iOS & Android.

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