We are accountable to the Batoto wa Congo. The People of Congo.
The communities with which we work and develop our activities.
We aim to assure them a restored future.
We invest to impact the lives of tomorrow.

Pillars to our Foundation

Road to food security

13 million of Congolese people are severely food insecure and an estimated 5 million children are acutely malnourished (World Food Program – WFP).

Road to clean water security

An estimated 51 million people or three quarters of the population have no access to safe drinking water, even though the country holds over half of Africa’s water reserves (United Nations Environment Programme - UNEP).

Road to shelter security

4.8 million are internally displaced due to numerous reasons, however the most prominent are war and climate change (World Food Program – WFP).


Investing in the Future

As of now, we are working throughout helping as much as we can the people of Congo starting with the communities in which we articulate our main activities. We aim to bring them the three fundamentals of what we believe are the keys to a wealthier and healthier future. With the help of our current and future companies, we are trying to give back to our people, and start the chain of giving back. Aksanti Sana Foundation will use the help of the different companies of the group, Mister Mukate, Kilimo, and Safi in order to elevate the daily lives of our people.