The real estate and housing sector is booming in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Due to the high demand for real estate, the needs of the city of Kinshasa and other major cities in the country are rising sharply, creating a deficit in the market. Indeed, with the rising needs of the city of Kinshasa which are today estimated at 54.4% of the global real estate deficit, that is 143,092 housing units to be built per year. With the help of rising urbanization, real estate now belongs to one of the most profitable sectors of private and public investment.
Our mission is to provide our clients with convenient access to quality housing while building communities and lifestyle that will shape the future of the cities of Kinshasa, Lubumbashi, and Kolwezi. We aim to provide the best services when it comes to construction, rental, purchase and interior design while emphasizing our dedication to progress, development and improvement of our company within the real estate market.
Aksanti Properties offers its clients extensive experience in the real estate sector by dedicating all its activities to construction, leasing, administration and management of real estate projects. The company has 5 types of activities; construction, leasing, real estate development, management, and interior design.
After finalizing the four projects, Salama, Zongo-Ntolo, and Allilac. Aksanti Properties is now able to increase the dimension of its projects. In the coming year, we will be managing three different projects throughout three different cities; be launching the Mukate in Kolwezi, Epure in Kinshasa, and Aksanti in Lubumbashi.