At the birth of the corporation, our founders firmly believed in Congo’s bright future. As a Congolese corporation that has acquired over the years, expertise and passion towards the Congolese business landscape, we can firmly imagine the future of this country. From African-exceptionalism to African-developism, we aim to invest in the country’s economics pillars for a wealthier and healthier tomorrow. The motivation behind our investment has always been the empowerment of the Congolese economy.
We firmly believe that strong leadership has the power to transform a company, however, strong corporate values are primary to build a company that last the test of time. Over the years, our critical and systematic mindset and thrive to advancement has shaped and strengthen our corporation values and perfecting our business approach to the benefit of our clients. By having great people work in a philosophy of radical thinking, the corporation has relentlessly developed a continuing and efficient leadership throughout the years, we have created a philosophy within the corporation, the Aksanti Philosophy.